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Penn Pursuit 3 spinning fishing reel

PENN Pursuit 3 Review – Making a Classic Spinning Reel Even Better

If you’re looking for an upgrade to a familiar reel. PENN’s Pursuit 3 is the spinning reel to check out. PENN took the ground foundation of the Pursuit 2 and upgraded the spinning reel making it even better. The Pursuit 3 is a spinning reel priced incredibly well for everything that it offers. Read our full review here.

11 Best Fishing Reels for Freshwater & Saltwater Angling 2022

Combo rod and reals are great for getting your feet wet into fishing, but for the best setup we recommend getting a real designed for the type of fishing you love to do most. Check out our review of the 11 best fishing reels on the market today.

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Best fillet knives

Best Fillet Knife 2022 – 9 Best Fish Knives

Have you ever tried filleting a fish with the wrong type of knife? Worse yet, with a dull knife? After a long day of fishing don’t waste your time preparing your fish with an inferior knife. Check out this list of our top 9 fillet knife picks.

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Man wearing sunglasses while holding a fish

Best Fishing Sunglasses 2022 – 13 Top Polarized Contenders

If you’ve spent more than an hour fishing in your life, you know the importance of a good pair of polarized fishing sunglasses. Traditional sunglasses just don’t cut it. Without a pair of polarized sunglasses your eyes will feel worn out after a day out on the water. But with the thousands of polarized sunglasses on the market, which ones are best for your next fishing trip? Check out our list of the top 13 fishing sunglasses, from high-end to extremely economical. We know there’s one just right for you!

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Man fishing in a river while wearing a backpack

Best Fishing Backpack – Top 9 Tackle Box Backpacks in 2022

You can’t really go fishing without a tackle box, but we both know that they’re annoying to carry around. Instead of having to haul around a bulky plastic box, incorporate all of your fishing gear into one awesome fishing backpack. Check out our list of the top 9 fishing backpacks for sale today!

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