Abu Garcia Black Max Review – 2022 Great Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Great for Bass Fishing

Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

In this all-inclusive product review, we’re going to dive into details about a fascinating low profile fishing reel.

First, let’s go over the history of Abu Garcia. Find out what makes their reels intriguing, and find out why I’m the perfect person to tell you about them.

This company started out nearly 100 years ago as a Swedish watch company, yet Abu Garcia has been making innovative fishing reels since 1941.

In 1984, a US distributor joined forces with the original company, and they’ve been producing powerful reels ever since.

Even though I’ve been fishing all my life, I just started teaching my son the ropes. Consequently, I’ve been brushing up on all the latest trends.

Let’s take a look at why you should consider upgrading your bass fishing reel.

Buying Guide: What Should You Consider Before Purchasing A Baitcaster Bass Reel?

I’m assuming that you’re looking to upgrade your current reel. You may need a few pointers about why you should consider Abu Garcia’s latest product offering.

Although, it’s possible that you’re just getting into fishing for the first time. In this case, you’ll want a solid recommendation on a reliable reel that won’t let you down.

It’s even possible that you’re already deeply invested in the relaxing sport of fishing, but you’re trying to find a good gift for a friend, partner, or child.

No matter who you’re shopping for, you’ve come to the right place. If you like hiking, fishing, and being outdoors, you are going to have no problem finding a practical way to put this reel to work.

However, it’s important to take a close look at this product in order to understand how it works. If you closely examine the specifications of this reel, you will have a more authoritative stance on whether it will meet your expectations as a good bass fishing reel.

In order to make a conscious buying decision, you must take into account the types of features that are included on high-quality fishing reels.

Take a look at which features are ones that you’ll use. See if this product has the most essential features in store.

Let’s look at a reel that has a lot to offer at a low price point.

Typical Features on Baitcaster Bass Reels:

An Overview of What to Expect From The Abu Garcia Black Max

You’ll need to pay much more for a better reel, so it might be worth giving some attention to this incredibly affordable, high-quality reel.

It’s time to see how the Black Max from Abu Garcia performs. You’re going to love the special features that this brand incorporates into their unique design. This reel is loaded with mechanisms that provide assistance with casting, catching, and reeling.

The brilliant designers of the MagTrax braking system are responsible for putting together an impressive magnetic casting solution that’s top-notch. This system is uniquely designed to speedily produce line from the spool.

Get ready to learn about all the wonderful features of this reel. It has a lightweight frame and comfortable handle. Its smooth action can be attributed to the five bearings in every product.

All of these features are perfect for new anglers, and they’re good enough to satisfy veteran fishing enthusiasts as well.

Top Features and Benefits

While Abu Garcia’s Max Series fishing reels have been around for a while, the company decided to update this series in order to meet demands from fishing professionals. The new reel is lighter than ever, and it will outperform many reels in its class.

The materials are durable, light, and resilient to corrosion. This reel has an incredible MagTrax braking system, and the Power Disk drag system is nothing to be ashamed of.

The Black Max includes a stunning Duragear brass gear. It has a light, reinforced graphite frame, and there are a total of five bearings that assist in the unstoppable action of this reel.

This reel is a good value for the right price.

Graphite Frame

In place of traditional heavy metal frames, the frame of Abu Garcia’s Black Max is made of graphite. This material is lightweight, and it’s made in one solid piece, so it won’t come apart while you’re putting it to work.


Your purchase may come with a decent warranty from the manufacturer. Although some products aren’t covered beyond replacing malfunctioning parts, this is a reliable brand that’s worth trusting.

Five Bearing System

Abu Garcia has upgraded their previous reel to include more bearings to assist with the smooth action of this reel. This reel has four stainless steel ball bearings, and there’s also one roller bearing.

Strong Spool

The spool on the Black Max is made of a special type of aluminum. This metal has been machine pressed to give its parts a highly tuned accuracy in their performance. The metal has also been anodized, so it will be more resilient to corrosion.

Light Materials

The choice to use graphite for the body and side plates was an improvement over the heavy materials that anglers used to use. In addition, the machined aluminum spool is lighter than you’d expect. The overall weight of this reel is approximately 7.3 ounces.

High-Quality Metal Gear

You might have noticed that one of the gears on this reel is made of a high-quality metal. The brass gear is designed to enhance your fishing experience. This gear performs especially well in salty conditions. This Duragear mechanism is strong and reliable.

Grip and Shape of Wheel

Many fishing enthusiasts have reported that the handle is easier to use than cheap bass fishing reels. The ease of use for this reel might be due to the comfort grip on the handle. The five star wheel also makes this reel easier to control than others.

Magnetic Braking System

The newest edition to the Max Series from Abu Garcia has been thoughtfully designed to include a MagTrax braking system. This braking system is a high-performance part that will help any angler gain control over their reel’s performance.

If you’re using a reel with the MagTrax magnetic braking feature, you’ll have an easier time casting it to the spot that you want to hit. This system gives you more control over your fishing experience that other reels don’t have to offer.

Disk Drag System

You’ll be glad that you found a reel that has a decent drag system when you hook a fighting fish on the line. This reel’s precision drag will become helpful if a fish starts pulling on the line, and it has a good gear ratio to help with retrieving your line in a timely manner.

Remarkable Design of Handle

The handle on this reel is aesthetically appealing, and it is also easier to use. The traditional single handle is a problem when you are overwhelmed by a big fish. The double-sided handle on the Black Max will make it easier to set your hook.

Pros and Cons List

Top FAQs

It depends which type of line you are using. If you use 30 lb test, you should be able to put 125 yards on the reel.

This reel does not come with any line on it. Putting line on the reel is one of the skills you’re going to need to learn. If you don’t have someone around to teach you the right techniques, there are plenty of videos online that show you how to put line on your reel.
You can use this reel to fish in saltwater, but you should probably stick to fishing inshore. Also, be sure to rinse and wipe off the reel when you’re finished because saltwater will cause corrosion.
It depends upon the seller. The reel will likely come in a plastic clamshell container.
The company started in Sweden, as ABU. A distributor from the US teamed up with the Swedish company, and they started calling the company Abu Garcia. Today, the reels are manufactured in China.

If you want to reel with your left hand, you will need to purchase one of the left-hand variations. Otherwise, you will need to learn how to reel with your right hand.

Closing and Final Thoughts

It’s finally time to decide whether this reel is right for you.

You need to take a close look at which features are important for enriching your fishing experience. Then, compare your needs with what the manufacturers of this reel have included in their finished product.

Are you a professional angler? This reel isn’t a cheap quality, but it is more affordable than some of the over-priced bass fishing reels on the market. Maybe it’s time for you to try a reliable brand that won’t break your bank.

This reel has plenty of noteworthy features that will impress all levels of sports fishing enthusiasts. If you’re used to casting high-end bass reels, this one might end up being your reliable backup reel. However, it’s impressive to new fishing enthusiasts.

If you are trying to find the perfect reel to buy as a gift for a new fishing companion, Abu Garcia’s Black Max is a good place to start. This reel has a lot to offer, but you won’t find out until you take it for a spin.

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