Best Fishing Backpack – Top 9 Tackle Box Backpacks in 2022


Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack


Kingdom Multifunctional Fishing Backpack


Fiblink Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag

The Perfect Tackle Box Is A Fishing Backpack

If you love to fish, or even if you’re a novice angler, the importance of having a fishing backpack is unparalleled.

Containing all the essential tools and equipment, plus extra food, snacks, and fishing gear, your fishing backpack has everything you need to make a fishing trip much more convenient.

Although you’re not always guaranteed to catch “the big one” every time you go out, being well prepared and having a fishing backpack with all the essentials for a successful fishing trip.

Plus, having a fishing backpack keeps your hands free in case you need them for something!

But amid all the conversations regarding which fishing backpacks are the best, which are not as good, and which are just a plain waste of money, it can be hard to determine which fishing backpack will be the best fit for you.

What features are absolutely necessary, and which can you do without?

Below, we’ve compiled a list of our picks for the top 9 fishing backpacks so you can be well-prepared and ready to catch anything on your next fishing expedition, whether it’s to your local pond, or a high-seas, swashbuckling adventure.

Top Fishing Backpack



The Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack is our best fishing backpack overall pick, and, once you hear about all the awesome features this backpack contains, you’ll almost surely agree.

The most impressive thing about this backpack is the tray storage; there’s enough room to fit 4 medium #3600 trays.

This pick is great for anglers who need the extra room.

This fishing backpack is also lighted by an integrated LED system, allowing for fishing after the sun goes down.

It also comes with a protective rain cover that can be used to keep all of your gear, or even yourself, safe from getting wet.

Other awesome features of the backpack include

  • A mounted, molded sunglass holder to keep glasses safe 
  • A removable pliers holder to easily move your pliers from your bag to your belt
  • And a convenient work surface that is created from folding the front pocket cover-up

And if you’re worried about your fishing backpack being bulky or uncomfortable, have no fear. This backpack comes with large, adjustable padded shoulder straps, making it a great purchase for individuals of any shoulder shape or size.

Overall, the following traits make the Wild River Tackle Tek Nomad Backpack our top pick for fishing backpacks:

Top Pick Runner Up



The Kingdom Multifunctional Fishing Backpack is our top fishing backpack runner-up for best overall fishing backpacks and, as it comes in multiple colors, it a great choice for the fashion-savvy fisherman or fisherwoman.

This backpack is made from 1000D waterproof nylon fabric, which is great for anglers, as we’re always accidentally getting ourselves, and our gear, wet.

It also features tough, heavy-duty YYK zippers, which are far less likely to break or snap than other, lower-grade zippers.

With several small and large pockets, you can organize your gear and whatever items you’ll bring on your fishing trip with complete perfection. You’ll never have to worry about losing something in a large, main pocket between all the other items you have.

The best thing about this backpack in my opinion, other than the cool design, is how comfortable it is. The straps easily adjust to whatever length you need and are really comfortable.

Plus, since the design is so great, the backpack is multiuse and can be used for more purposes than just fishing. Whether that means taking it to school, work, or on a long hike.

The Kingdom brand also boasts superb customer service; they have their own factory that can provide all sorts of specialized services. If you do end up having an issue with this product, contact them and they will be sure to help you out.

Overall, the traits that make the Kingdom Multi-functional Fishing Backpack our runner-up for best overall fishing backpack include:

Best Value



The Fiblink Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag is our pick for the best budget fishing backpack. The best thing about this pick is, of course, the price, coming in far lower than most of the other fishing backpacks on our list.

This backpack is made of a waterproof, wear-resistance 1000D heavy-duty Nylon, which is great for any angler who tends to be a little rough on their equipment.

It also has KAM brand knuckles, which are not easy to crack, and SBS zippers, which are very high quality.

The back of this pick is lined with a breathable mesh, and the shoulder pads feature a widened and lengthened design that increases comfort.

Plus, the straps are detachable, allowing for extra versatility, and the pack also has a belt for extra security.

The main pocket of the backpack is large and suitable for many gear options, and the surrounding, smaller pockets allow for increased organization!

With the sleek, well-put-together design, this backpack can be used for many outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, or camping.

Finally, there is a one-year money-back guarantee for this backpack so even though this is the cheapest fishing backpack on our list. If if it doesn’t work for you after purchase, rest assured that you will be able to return it!

Overall, the traits that make the Fiblink Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag stand out include:




The SHIMANO Blackmoon Fishing Backpack is another great option for a fishing backpack!

This pack is equipped with comfortable, padded shoulders that provide significant comfort while reducing fatigue, which is great for anglers who spend long hours fishing.

The coolest feature of this backpack is the built-in front-loading tackle box that includes 4 Plano 3650 utility boxes and contains storage with several adjustable dividers.

This backpack also contains several pockets to aid in organization, including a zippered front opening and zippered side pockets.

Furthermore, it is made using heavy-duty and durable fabric, which means you can expect this fishing backpack to last for many years.

You can also rest assured that, considering the design of the pack, it can also be used for other activities, from day to day errands to hiking and camping.

Overall, the features that make the SHIMANO Blackmoon Fishing Backpack stand out as an awesome fishing backpack include:




The BLISSWILL Fishing Shoulder Backpack is one of our favorite fishing backpacks on this list. It’s great pick for many fishermen, especially those looking to buy a fishing backpack without completely breaking the bank.

This backpack is of great quality, made of 1000D water-resistant Nylon, and extra stitched to ensure durability and resistance from damage. Not to mention, the product also contains left and right exchangeable, adjustable shoulder straps for extra customization.

While this backpack is multifunctional, the design lends itself to an outdoorsy feel, meaning you probably wouldn’t want to take this bag shopping.

That being said, it can also be a great bag for camping, hiking, cycling, or even rock climbing.

This fishing backpack also contains a significant amount of storage space, making organization and packing of gear a total breeze.

This backpack is made from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, making it the perfect fit for the environmentally conscious fisherman or fisherwoman (as we all should strive to be)!

Overall, the features that make the BLISSWILL Fishing Shoulder Backpack a great pick include:




The Plano A-Series Tackle Back Pack features a very pleasant design and can be used not only for fishing but many other indoor or outdoor activities.

And, while closer to the pricier side of packs on this list, it is a great investment.

This backpack includes five 3600 Stowaway utility boxes, making it a great purchase for a fisherman or fisherwoman who needs that extra space.

The design also boasts a large interior storage compartment, plus four exterior pockets, and an interior front organization flap.

The Plano A-Series Tackle Back Pack also provides a cushioned back pad and adjustable shoulder straps, meaning you’ll be much more comfortable hiking through the wilderness with this pack on your back.

Lastly, this fishing backpack also has a reinforced top carry handle. If you don’t want to wear it on your back, no worries; carry it conveniently from that top handle!

Overall, the features that make the Plano A-Series Tackle Back Pack a great pick for a fishing backpack include:




The Wild River Tackle Tek Recon Compact Backpack is yet another great option for anglers.

It might be at the top of the list in terms of price, but the features of this backpack will prove it’s well worth the list price.

This fishing backpack contains an integrated LED light system, which is a great feature for anglers wishing to catch their prey during the night hours.

With mesh pockets, easily view your contents and find what you’re looking for before spending several minutes rooting through various odds and ends.

Not to mention, the web loops on this backpack can help you secure your tools, alleviating the risk of dropping and losing something.

This backpack includes 4 PT3500 fishing trays, and is comfortable to carry, with large, adjustable padded shoulder straps.

While the camo design might not appeal to daily tasks, this backpack can be easily used for camping or hiking!

Overall, the features that make the Wild River Tackle Tek Recon Compact Backpack a great pick for a fishing backpack include:

Premium Fishing Backpack



The Wild River Nomad Custom LeatherCraft Backpack with USB Charging System is a great product and would probably be our number one fishing backpack pick if money wasn’t any issue. Considering you have to be willing to spend over $200 on this fishing backpack.

Although the most expensive backpack on this list, this backpack has so many cool features, you might just find it worth your while.

For example, this pack features a 3-level LED light system, which is significantly more advanced than many competitor’s LED light systems.

This backpack also features a storage compartment for up to 4 medium #3600 and 2 small #3500 trays, giving you ample space for gear.

The most impressive feature of this backpack is its charging capabilities. With a 5000mAh rechargeable USB power supply, and four power adapter tips and USB cables, you can rest assured that with this fishing backpack, your devices will never run out of charge while fishing.

The four power adapter tips allow you to charge a multitude of devices, too, including those that are charged via Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin, USB micro, and USB mini.

There are also optional add-on accessories, including a clip-on solar panel, for an added fee.

Not to mention, the bag can be used for other outdoorsy activities, like hiking or camping!

Overall, the features that make the Wild River Nomad Custom LeatherCraft Backpack a great pick for a fishing backpack include:




The Lixada Fishing Tackle Backpack is a great fishing backpack for fishermen or women who love to carry and organize their gear.

This backpack’s more impressive feature is its large storage space, which can fit wide variety of gear and comes with removable dividers.

It also contains four zippered side pockets and two mesh pouches!

If you’re an angler who often gets their gear wet, this backpack also contains a clear, water-resistant pocket that allows you to keep wet gear away from other dry gear, or to secure valuable items like keys, phones, or wallets.

This pack also features an anti-scratch bottom, which protects it from the rugged wilderness ground, especially on rocky terrain.

And, of course, the backpack’s shoulder straps are adjustable, and also has a breathable, padded mesh back panel.

Overall, the features that make the Lixada Fishing Tackle Backpack a great fishing backpack include:

Make Your Fishing Trips Easier With A Great Fishing Backpack

Fishing backpacks are an absolute essential for all fishermen and fisherwomen, whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been fishing for years.

As you can see, however, there is a wide variety of options to consider when picking which fishing backpack product will work best for you.

Between size, shape, color, price, and other key features like storage, durability, and comfort, the choices might be overwhelming.

In general, you can’t go wrong in your purchase of a fishing backpack from this list.

As long as you’re getting the features that mean the most to you, you should find yourself happy with your pack. And, if not, you’ll be happy to know that many of these companies offer money-back or exchange programs.

Just remember to do your research and figure out which specs and features you’re most interested in.

Do that, and I’m sure you’ll find a backpack that you’re not only in love with, but one that will help you catch fish for years and years to come.

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